Mogg and Melzer, Berlin

Mogg and Melzer - interior

We had read about a pastrami sandwich at a Jewish deli called Mogg and Melzer in Berlin that was, apparently, the bomb. We made our way over there and when our trusty phones told us we had arrived at the location we looked in confusion at the huge, uninviting brick building, where was this restaurant? A small, unassuming sign to the right of the door told us we had come to the right place. We opened the door and entered into the foyer of what was once the first Jewish girls’ school in Berlin, built in 1835. The building has since been renovated to become a Jewish cultural heritage site combining both art and gastronomy. And it is here that Mogg and Melzer is hidden away. (more…)

The Bird, Berlin

The Bird - menu

Berlin offers so many different food options you almost don’t know where to start. But one thing that would not be excluded from our list is burgers, proper good burgers. We’d been to Burgermeister several times but our friend promised us something even better this time, The Bird Berlin: “All burgers are made from 250+ grams of premium German beef. The quality is high enough that other places would serve it as steak, but here it goes through our grinder every day to become the best burger this side of the Atlantic. Grilled to order and served with our freshly hand-cut fries, lettuce, tomato, red onion and a homemade pickle.” We couldn’t wait!