Michelin star

Seinpost, Scheveningen

seinpost view

A business lunch in Scheveningen? I needed a view of the beach and boulevard, but most of the restaurants there are not really known for their culinary prowess. They’re places with loud music, half-naked people, deep fried finger foods, and cocktails. Not really what I was looking for, at least not for this occasion.  But then I stumbled upon Seinpost, a restaurant above the boulevard, with a beautiful view of the beach, and most importantly, a Michelin star. Yes, this will do nicely, table for four please! (more…)

In De Wulf, Dranouter – Belgium

In De Wulf

I feel a bit nervous writing this post. Can I capture in words how amazing this dinner was? Will I do it justice? Words will never compare to actually experiencing it, smelling the wood fire which permeates your clothing, breaking the freshly baked bread and inhaling the beautiful sourdough scent before lathering it with homemade butter and a tiny pinch of salt. When bread and butter are perfection, you know the rest of dinner will be too, or at the very least close to it. So if you ever need a weekend getaway, I strongly suggest going to In De Wulf. You may have to plan ahead though, we made our reservations 6 months in advance…  (more…)