Sausage at Prague Airport

I tell everyone about this kielbasa sausage, Vahala – top product of Czech origin. The Czech name is klobása. Some people laugh at me and wonder how I can get so excited about a sausage. Fair enough, laugh all you want, but trust me, you must try this sausage. I’ve convinced a few people to try it out, and every time I have my 35 minute stopover at Prague airport on my way back to Amsterdam, I grab the sausages and run to my gate.

3 sausageI happened on this sausage by chance. I went to the shop looking for beer for Pano, and after selecting 6 random beers I asked the lady behind the counter if she sold any sausages, because besides beer, sausages are one of the ways to Pano’s heart.  I was actually looking for dried sausages, but instead she showed me these klobása sausages and said they were good. So I thought, why not! I get home and a week later we throw them on the barbeque and we both said, “Whoa! Awesome sausage!” So since then I’ve always grabbed two packs on the way home and I share this sausage-secret with anyone that is willing, or not willing, to listen.

It is a slightly spicy pork sausage. It’s fatty and it has a natural casing which has a delightful snap when you cut or bite into it. The texture is firm but juicy and the flavors are strong. I say it again, it is a damn good sausage.

Go up the escalator at the C-gates, to the left there is an Italian wine bar. A bit further to the left is Bohemia deli, and the sausages are in the back. A pack of 8 sausages is about 10 Euros. Enjoy!

 bohemia deli fridge