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Red Pepper, Rotterdam

red pepper

Where do 7 people go out to dinner on a Monday night? You may have noticed that a lot of restaurants are closed on Mondays, making it difficult to find a place to go. We went to Red Pepper: a Szechuan (or Sichuan) and hotpot restaurant. We’ve been to the hotpot part once, and it’s pretty good but we prefer the restaurant section. This was our third visit to the restaurant and when we’re feeling too lazy to leave the house we get delivery from here. They’ve recently expanded their delivery menu to include their more special dishes, and if you call and ask, they’ll usually let you take away (or deliver to your doorstep) most anything from their regular menu.


Picknick, Rotterdam


There are several places where you can have a good brunch in Rotterdam. We frequently visit Picknick. This place, with its distinct hipster yet unpretentious vibe, is always busy, especially in the weekends, so get there early. During peak lunch hours you’ll probably have to wait for a table or get squished between several people at their long picnic tables. There’s more room in the summer because they open up the terrace in the back, but that just means more people will come. (more…)

Beijing Bao, Rotterdam

Beijing bao

On the Pannekoekstraat sits a tiny Chinese restaurant called Beijing Bao (formerly Eethuis Bij Bao). We’ve been there every week for the past four weeks, and it is hands down, my favorite Chinese restaurant in Rotterdam. It’s Beijing style Chinese with a heavy Szechuan influence, so if you can’t handle heat, be careful what you order! They indicate heat level with peppers (zero to three). (more…)

Starting My Second Life – An Ode to Jimmy

A year ago, I was sitting in Xiamen International Airport, gate 8, when a friendly-looking guy walked up to me and said “Hi, my name is Jimmy and I’m doing some research for university and was wondering if I could ask you some questions. It’ll only take about 10 to 15 minutes.” My usual answer to these kinds of inquiries? No thanks. But my flight was delayed, I was bored, and like I said, he looked friendly! Thirty minutes later we were still talking, interview notes cast away. And an hour later I was in the airplane on my way to Jakarta, inspired to change my life. What happened in that waiting room? (more…)